Chowder Fest 2013


CHUCK’S WATERFRONT GRILL crowned Santa Barbara Chowder Champ!


Top Traditional Chowder:

  • 1st Place: Chuck’s Waterfront Grill
  • 2nd Place: Museum Café
  • 3rd Place: Three Pickles Deli

Winners of the Creative Category:

  • 1st Place: Lazy Acres Market
  • 2nd Place: Montecito Country Club
  • 3rd Place: Hungry Cat



  • Chef Michael Hutchings
  • Chef Jamie West
  • Food critic George Yatchisin


  • Aldo’s Italian Restaurant
  • Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach
  • Max’s Restaurant
  • Montectiot Country Club
  • Three Pickles Deli
  • Holdren’s Grill
  • Outback steakhouse
  • Hungry cat
  • Lazy acres
  • UCSB Faculty Club
  • Eureka Burgers
  • Useless Bay Seafoods
  • Chuck’s Waterfront Grill
  • Museum Café
  • Marmalafe Café
  • Cabot Creamery, Vermont
  • Café Del Sol


  • Gessinger Winery
  • Brander Winery
  • Lucas Lewellen Winery
  • Firestone Brewery
  • Whitcraft Winery
  • The Brewehouse
  • Island Brewinfg Co.
  • Matilaja Pure Water


Hon. Thomas and June Anderle

Hon. George Eskin and Hon. Hannah-Beth Jackson

Hon. William Gordon

Gregory Paraskou

Ghitterman Ghitterman & Feld

Ghitterman Ghitterman & Feld

Southern California Reproductive Center

D. William & Susan Wagner